3 categories of sincere forgiveness.

setting ourselves free through forgiveness.

Holding grudges & mistakes for far too long can poison your mind, soul and even take away from the good things in your lives. Forgiveness does not mean you don’t feel hurt or sad but that you are in control of your feelings and you have empowered yourself to move on.


  • It doesn’t matter how much time has gone by.
  • asking for forgiveness is never a sign of weakness.
  • asking for forgiveness in person or using a letter are the best measures to use.
  • make sure that your request for forgiveness is genuine.
  • forget about the blame, or who was right and who was wrong. Even if they don’t accept your apology it’s fine, you have played your part and you are free.


  • be kind, it’s not easy for anyone to come and ask you for forgiveness.
  • If the apology is genuine, then accept it and let go of the past.
  • teach yourself to let go even before someone asks you for forgiveness.
  • sometimes people hurt us because of what they are going through, so try to be compassionate and forgive.


  • most times we are our own hardest critics and can sabotage our own happiness.
  • forgive yourself, let go of the past mistakes and move on.
  • your past may have left some scars, but they only prove how strong you were

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