3 best strategies for productiveness

Do you feel like you just never have enough time to do everything you have intended to do, everyday? your To Do list never gets finished. and when it does, you are left drained and unable to do the things that matters with the people you care about. in this blog posts I am discussing ways to boost your productivity without feeling drained and unable to do anything else at the end of the day. you should go to bed feeling happy and content at all timoes.

Become productive in these 3 simple steps.
  • 80-20 rule
  • targeting the frog
  • harmony
  1. The 80-20 rule

This referes to the 20 percent of things that you can do in your day that are going to boost your productivity and cover the rest of the 80 percect that is left. I will you an example. In my To do list is:

  • record a podcast
  • take pictures for the blog
  • write a blog post

Now from my list it can be very confusing as to which one should I start with. But if I were to use the 80-20 rule to make sure that at the end of the day I am productive and I am able to complete the most important tasks. I will begin with outling my blog, this way I will be able to write my blog without a struggle. I now have an outline for my podcast, I am going to use the one I used for the blog. And intead of taking plenty of pictures and deleting and just being all over the place, I now know what my blog is about and I know what type of pictures I am going to spend my precious time taking. there you have it, the 80-20 rule. I did only 20 percent but the rest 80 percent benefited in the process. the 80-20 rule is amazing, try it out today.

2. Targeting the frog

This is called eat the frog, or first things first. This productivity method will make you do the task that you would rather not do at all. That one that you are dreading to acomplish, but you know it is the very important one of them all. Do that one and see everything else fall in to place.

breaking down the tasks

after chosing your frog, you need to break it down in smaller parts. that way you will not feel overwhelmed by the looking at it. take that huge task and come up with how you are going to deal with it. after having the smaller task you need to break them up into smallest tasks that you can start doing now. this is a win for you. after finishing the bigger frog go back into your To Do list and find a big frog. break it down into smaller and then smallest task and before you know it you will be done with the most important taks in your To Do list and if that is not being productive then i do not know what is.


Say you are a mother and you have have guests coming in for dinner. Your bigger task is to serve dinner to your family and guest. Where do you begin?

step one

Look for recipes.

step two

Wash the dishes. Now that you know the type of food you are cooking, you also know what type of pots you need, the trays, and spoons etc.

step three

Chop your ingredients, marinate what needs to be marinated and prepare all the spices and everything you are going to need.

step four

Cook. You are not all over the place, you are breaking down every step and that makes you to have order and as a result have good results. This procedure will make you to be so productive in your everyday life.

3. Harmony

Balance is a myth but marmony is a must

Lisa Nichols

Imagine feeling like you have to spend 8 hours with your spouse everyday and spend 8 hours everyday with your kids just because you work 8 hours everyday. Does it make sense? Are you even going to have time to sleep? So lets leave balance out of the equation and tallk about quality over quantity. It is not about the amount of hours of time you spend with your kids, if you are not present, if you are not listening to them and engaging then you are as good as not being there. But if instead you were to take 30 minutes of your time, play with your child. go buy ice cream, or play some engaging game. Ask them how they are feeling and read to them. Then you will really be productive.


Planning in advance is another way of being productive in your days. Plan your meals. Write down the type of food you are going to eat on a certain day. This way you will not have to struggle come cooking time. Another thing you can plan is your clothes or your children’s clothes. Take 5 minutes to do this and save massive amount of time in the morning.

Plan and prepare your meals and clothing.


Just like planning, preparing is extremely crucial. But this time around you are taking the meal plan and meal preping. If there is a certain food you can cook in bulk and freeze, do so. There are also more ways of preserving food that i will be covering in a few weeks in my blog. You can even prepare clothes. If you know the weather for the next 3 days, you can take them out, match everything and put them aside. That way, you will have added a few minutes into your day so that you will do some things you enjoy.

We only have 24 hours a day. Whats important is not to complete our To Do list but to focus on what matters most. Follow this advice and go to bed happy with everyone in your family feeling loved and appreciated.

Eat the frog is a book by Brian Tracy.

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