Insider secrets to achieving contentment in life.

Do you often feel like you are not content no matter what you do. It doesnt matter what you have accomplished in life you constantly feel like you are missing something. What if you could become succcesful, balance your life properly and enjoy every step. Here is what i will be discussing with you today:

  • physical success
  • spiritual success
  • emotional success
  • mental success
  • and financial success

Real success is knowing that you are not just your job, you are not just about eating healthy and negleting everything else in your life. You are a human being with a spirit , soul and body. All this 3 should work together in harmony.

1. Physical success

This is about you being content in the fact that you eat healthy, you exercise regularly and you get enough sleep. The only time you are going to know that you are successful in this area is when you are not focusing on one thing only. Not depriving yourself of sleep or rest. Not oversleeping either. there are people who are not having any physical activity at all. During the day they just sit in front of their computer and hardly move, and later on they sit infront of the tv and never get to walk or exercise. This is poor decision making and choices for long term contentment in all areas of your life.


To make sure that you are not being left behind or neglecting your health in this area you should have a schedule. Go to the internet and check for the plan that best suits you. What time of the day are willing to exercise, where, wearing what kind of shoes or clothing. What type of music will you be listening to. Answer those questions then you will be on your way to to physical success.

healthy eating

You should aslo plan your meals. Plan the perfect food for your goals and for your body type. You should strive to have a balanced diet. As you know that you have to eat more fruits and verges. Also eat less sugar, fats and salt. You have to plan your food, what you are going to eat in the morning, at lunch, dinner and what you are going to be snacking on in between the main meal. This will make it easy for you to prepare healthy food in advance, so that you do not hurry and buy an unhealthy quick fix because you are hungry. You can cook in bundles and store in the refrigirator.

sleep / rest

Most people are not getting enough sleep because they are obsessed with only a certain part of their lives. They do not want to stop working, or quit playing that game. Sometimes you have to learn to delay gratification, stop forcing to accomplish a task when it is night and time to sleep. Just think for your brain for a second and go to rest. Do not work 100 hours 7 days a week, that is absurd. Take a novel, relax and read. Go out to movies. Go out on a date with your kids and loved ones. Do not make a mistake of not resting the body that works so much.

Rest your body

2. financial success

I really believe in financial freedom. I do not like lacking. I do not want my children to be in need of anything. My family members should not suffer in my presence. If you are anything like me then you understand the amount of time we might want to invest in the search for financial freedom. It is very easy to just get consumed in this whole idea of wealth and leave other spheres of life suffering. you must learn to fight a good fight.

creating financial freedom

This may include increasing your streams of income. passive income is one of the best way that people turn to when they are trying to be content in life, because this will allow them to move and do things that they love with people they love. Creating financial freedom is not easy, the first few months will require some sacrifices but as the business gets established you will regain your flexibility. But that’s if you do it correctly.

how to succeed financially in a smart way

As i said above, the fisrt few months of creating wealth are going to be very difficult. It includes all the research and planning, it is going to consume much of your time. So it better to warn your family first about what you are going to be doing for the next weeks. Some people have the tendency of just grinding and grinding non stop. Leaving everything else and anyone behind. Refuse this. work smarter, do not be obssesed with riches that you lose your kids and loved ones over it. It is not worth it in the end. And if you want to be content in life, you need to be a complete lady, in spirit, soul and body.

3. Spiritual success

Know what works for you. How many hours of prayer do you need. How many hours/ minutes of meditation do you need. Most people who are depressed and suffering from anxiety do not pray at all. You need to go to God and just pour out your heart, ask Him to take your burden and give you His yoke that is light. In this life we go through a lot and there are lots of temption, trials and tribulations that needs us to be rooted in prayer, the word of God and meditation on the word. You will realise how true to His word our God is, when you read it, meditate upon it and act on it in faith. this is one place you do not want to be left out on. Seek spiritual success with your power and with everything in you. That way you will be content and grateful for everything you have.

4. Emotional success

Your emotions determine a lot of things in this life. How you react to certain circumstances will be as a result of how you deal with your emotions. Have you seen people who just make a huge issue out of a little thing. Because they have anger issues and they mostly get out of hand. To be content in life you have to learn to be successful emotionally.

how to win cotrol over emotions.

I did a video on this. You should watch it to avoid ruining your reputation because of lack of cotrol. When you let your emotions get the best part of you, you will live to regret it. Yhis video also covers how to know your triggers and how to respond accordingly.


5. Mental success

This is one of my favourite one. If you need to be content you must learn to cultivate your mind. It is your greatest treasure, whatever you learn will not be taken away from you. There should not be a stage in your life where you say you have reached all the success you wanted , and thus you are no longer reading or learning.

how to learn continually

During the times that we are living in it is pretty easy. We have learning tools all around us. But there are just as many distracting tools. So you need to make up your mind about what you are going to feed your mind. “as a man thinketh , so is he“. You should be mindful of what you feed your mind. Watch educational videos, listen to audios, read good books, and join communities like Bouncing Back ‘Up’ that are going to push you everytime you start to fall behind. Lifelong learning is the key for us young ladies if we want to live a happy and content life.

Real life success and contentment is guaranteed if you focus on growth in every sphere of your life. You will not get to the end of your life and realise that you didn’t find the joy ,contentment and success you were looking for because you focused on one area of your life only. You will not be rich, and sick with no one by your side. You will not be sexy and broke because you neglected your finances. If you got some value from this article then please check out my other blogs, I talk about self-improvement, self-empowerment and complete healing in all areas of your life.

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