How to spend more time with God everyday as a young woman.

What if you could have that strong and deep relationship with God. Today I share my 6 best tips for having quality time with God

1. Pray first thing in the morning.

Prayer first thing in the morning

Starting your day with God is the best way to get a deeper relationship with Him. It is a good way to get to know God well, to get to depend on Him totally and cast all your cares to Him. So every morning before you commit yourself to do anything, take the first moments and give them to God.

2. Read the Bible

The Word of God

God speaks to us through His written Word most times, and if you are not reading the Word of God you are missing out. After prayer, go to the Word. And then meditate on it.

3. Listen to church services, podcasts etc.

When you are busy going about your day, preparing your kids, doing laundry, you can have a church service playing in the background.

4. Listen to Christian books on audio books

Like the previous tip, you can always carry an audiobook with you wherever you go and you can listen to it anywhere everytime you are free, or busy with something that do not require your hearing.

5. Read Christian books to your kids.

The more you read Christian books to your kids, the more you familiarise yourself with the Word of God.

6. Hang out with people who speak of the goodness of the Lord.

Bad company spoils good character. Hang out with people who speak of the goodness of the Lord, hang out with people who are going to leave you hungry and thirsty for more of God.

These measures will ensure you have/ develop a deeper relationship with the Holy Trinity of God. If you like more content like this please consider following my blog. Fresh blogs to you every Monday. Much love, God bless you…

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