Day 2

Self-spring clean your bad habits

Are you constantly doing something you know that is going to have long term detrimental effects on your body, your health or relations.

My story

I have developed this bad habit of sleeping until noon, and working until morning. I know that I am a night owl and I perform better at night / late hours, but I am afraid of what the side effects of my habit may be. Because I constantly feel like I am living in my own world. At 5 am when people are going to work I will be going to bed, and I will wake up around 12pm, only to repeat the chain again. So I don’t like it anymore because it doesn’t bring me peace, I know that I have to change. But where do you begin? If that is what you are asking right now then read on to get 5 powerful tips to break those bad habits.

  1. Know your why

Knowing your bigger why will help you to get the clarity and the consequences of your bad habit b this will make it easier to deal with.

2. Know your goal

How is life going to be without this bad habit of yours?

3. Know how and what you can do differently.

How can you replace your bad habit? What can you start doing today to start working on your bad habit and reaching your goal?

4. Take it one bite at a time.

Don’t force to do everything at the same time, just try break the habit into small pieces you can start breaking now, and move one step at a time.

From my example above here is how I am going to tackle and eventually break my bad habit.

1. My goal is to wake up at 6, but if I am waking up at 12 I will have to start small before I reach my goal.

2. I will start sleeping at 04:00 am and wake up at 11:00 am.

3. Then I will sleep at 01:00 am and wake up at 08:00 am.

4. Now that I have broken my big bad habit into smaller pieces that are actually attainable, I know that if I am going to wake up at 06:00 am I have to go to bed at 23:00 pm.

Even if you are trying to quit smoking, smoke one cigarette less everyday, and tell yourself to decrease the number of cigarettes you smoke everyday until you get set free.

Do not worry, everyone is battling with a bad habit. Everyone have got their own little secret. Keep on taking the small steps everyday and eventually you will break that bad habit. So if you want to know more, watch my YouTube videos about breaking bad habits. Do not go without taking a look at my blog from yesterday “be yourself”. It is day 2 of self-spring cleaning… 5 days to go!! Do not miss out.

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