Day 3

Self-Spring clean from unhappiness.

Spending the rest of your life unhappy doesn’t sound cute and I hope that it is not one of your goals. But if you are just never happy, maybe this is why:

Lack of self care

– Do you take yourself out ( date yourself). – Do you relax. – Do you eat healthy and get enough sleep? – Do you do what you love? Do not! Do not run errands non stop. Take care of yourself.

Do not compare

  • Yourself or your belongings.
  • Your spouse / kids
  • Do not compare anything.
  • Sometimes comparison is healthy if it going to fuel you to perform better. But if it is going to steal your joy, stop doing it, stop comparing.


Always living in the future? Slow down and breath. Be grateful for the sunshine, be grateful for those around you. Be grateful you are still alive.



  • Bitterness can never give forth joy and happiness.
  • Do yourself a favour and forgive.
  • I talked about this in my other blog posts and YouTube videos,.

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