Day 4

Spring clean your life from toxic relationships.

Are you suffering in the hands of your partner, friend or relative. Abuse is abuse, nomatter who it is coming from. Physical, emotional, sexual, verbal abuse, refuse! Walk away now!!

1. They don’t think you are good enough

Do not be with people who are hard to please. No matter what you do for them, it is wrong. You are never good enough for them. Run away !

2. Narcissists

Run away from narcissists. People who are never wrong. People who never take a fall for anything. People who know it all, who deserve it more than you do. It is all about them. Believe me you don’t need such in your life.

3. Brutal honest

They do not consider how you feel, they call you nasty names, belittle you as much as they can. Own up to yourself, you deserve better.

4. You are scared of them.

Do not hang around anyone who makes you scared, if you have to fake who you are for their sake, leave them. You should be free to speak your mind and do you.

5. They lie to you

Lies are bad, and if you deserve to know the truth, then you have no right hanging out with them.

6. They gossip about you.

If someone has a problem with you, they should approach you.

7. Pretenders

These type of toxic people pretend to want to help but instead they are making fun of you with other people behind your back. Run away from them.

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