Day 7

Unlearn to learn a new thing.

Maybe what is keeping you stuck and preventing your growth is the false information you have. Wrong beliefs about money, marriage, friendship, work, career and yourself etc can have a negative impact on your life. And you are stagnant in life if you do not challenge these beliefs and that wrong knowledge.

If you need to set yourself free from the bad and wrong things you learnt over the years you have to substitute these with new, fresh and real information. For the truth shall set you free.

1. Do a thorough research

Learn not to believe everything you hear, learn to question things. Do your own research and be sure of something before your let it in your mind and start believing in it.

2. Invest in new sources of information

Buy new books on the subject you are having false information on. Read new articles on the subject. Ask people who have been there, went through it successfully. Note; Never ask advice about marriage from a person who have 5 part time partners. The information you will get most times will not be good for you.

3. Learn everyday

Make it a point to learn something new everyday. When you wake up, take note of the thing you are trying to get rid off, the false information and take it to yourself to know the opposite of that false information. This will challenge you and also expand your knowledge daily.

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