The patience

Something one is not born with. A skill that takes some years if not the rest of one’s life to figure out and to learn it. Then patience. Patience is not our birthright.

Patience is painful,. If one has not mastered it. Once mastered life becomes a swift road. Patience is not our birthright.

If I could tell a young person a message, is to learn this crucial skill,. Master this excellent skill. For without this amazing skill you will be lost, not able to withstand anything else. The patience.

Self discipline requires patience. Investing requires patience. Raising kids requires patience. Obtaining any qualifications requires patience. Owning/ purchasing anything will also require patience.

If you could pay a million pound for anything to empower yourself, let it be to learn the skill called patience .

This is the first poem of the 15 in self-improvement and self-employment and prayer, so please do stay tuned.

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