Bouncing Back UP is an organisation that helps young women get up and become all they were meant to be through self_empowerment and self_ improvement.

If you have been feeling like you are stuck in life, all your peers living you behind. Or maybe you have been betrayed by someone you trusted. You may have been rendered redundant, struggling with low self image. Struggling with finances and depending on other came to the right place because in this platform we get up, dust ourselves and continue the journey to the life we know we deserve.

About the writer

Rendani M M

I am Rendani, a mother of two beautiful kids. I am a working at home wife. I do YouTube, blogs and I am an author. As the CEO of Bouncing Back UP, it is my mandate to see young people who are at a dire state I was in a few years ago get to create their lives anew. I believe there is more you have to offer in this world and thus I am here to take your hand and help you to reach to the top. Cheers to self_improvement and self_ empowerment.

A victim of sexual abuse, was nearly homeless with my kids and husband I know how it feels to be broken from the inside and out. Not knowing what you will feed your children. It sucks right? But here is what I know, if you made it this far then you will surely make it to your dreams and goals.

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