Do it afraid

The Bible says that we should not fear anything because God is with us. Fear means to flight, and so what the Bible is really saying to us is that when we are faced with challenges or that new thing( the unknown, we should not run away from it but face it head on. That is being courageous in the presence of fear.

Do it afraid.

Fear will never be absent.

In this life you will rather make fear your friend or an enemy. But either way we live with it. It is kind of cool to feel scared, sometimes it is a fuel to do something. Use this fuel and you will always get things done and goals accomplished.

Fear of the unknown.

Joyce Meyer says that it is not fear of the unknown but anxiety of not knowing everything. my advice to you, stop! Stop wanting to know every aspect of your life and let God be in control. Take life as it comes and put the rest in the care of God.

Do it afraid.

Live life to the fullest. Are you scared of going on a date alone? Scared of meeting that person? Scared of raising up your voice? Scared of driving, scared of staying alone? Do it afraid. Do it scared. The more you stretch that muscle, the stronger you get.

Face your fears.

I wish you all the best on your journey to improving yourself and becoming the best you could ever be through doing things afraid. Face your fears and live a fulfilled life.